Desert Rain: A Soundtrack

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Nature is an inspiring force. Rain, which is an almost daily part of my Dutch landscape, is something I take for granted. But in a desert land? It is majestic. I love how this post from Dreaming in Arabic uses beautiful prose to describe the rain, intermingled with references to songs that relate to rain. thus the reblog.

Dreaming in Arabic

A Rainy Morning Layers of cloud cover the sky, swirling into a witches brew of grey. Big, fat raindrops burst and explode against window panes, leaving watery trails in their wake. With time the drizzle turns into a symphony of sound. High notes bounce off the carport roof, low notes gurgle through spouts. Waterdrops trickle off grass and treetops, huddle in puddles and saturate the windblown desert sand. The smell of wet earth replaces the choking scent of dust.

Listen To The Rhythm of the Falling Rain – The Cascades

*     *     *

The melodic voices of children dance and twirl on the cool breeze. A boundless energy echoes off perimeter walls and escapes into the glistening streets.

Laughter In The Rain – Neil Sedaka

*     *     *

Thunder rumbles in a moonless sky. Occasional flashes of lightning reveal a drenched landscape.

I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt

*     *     *


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One thought on “Desert Rain: A Soundtrack

  1. We have a drought on here, so all this talk of rain is making me wistful, even though we got some rain in the last few days–not enough, but nice.

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