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Just posted this on my expat blog, but thought it also deserved to be on my author website.


I would like to send my thanks into the world to all of the environmental groups that participated in Earth Day The Hague last night (see the list below), to the people who chose to spend their Tuesday evening with us learning about the history of Earth Day and the many eco-activities in The Hague. And special thanks to Tom and Agnes at the American Book Center who supported this event by ordering environmental books to celebrate and advocate for the environment, providing their support and aiding in publicity.

If you live in The Hague, please consider purchasing your next read at the ABC Bookstore. Or in Earth Day terms, help keep the bookstore species alive by supporting them with your purchasing power. 

If you missed this event, and wanted to go, please take a moment to check out the websites of the organisations who participated below. Pictures hopefully to follow!


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