Book Launch Today in The Hague!

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It’s Saturday, high noon. The sun is out. What are you planning for your afternoon?

Every weekend in The Hague, there are wonderful activities happening, all competing for your attention and time. Beach or a lazy afternoon at home? Festival or film? Concert or book signing?

I’m here to add your choices. Today is the day that I am celebrating the launch of my second novel, The Things We Said in Venice. Sure, it’s been available online for the last 9 weeks, but this is the first time I am making a party of it somewhere else besides online, so I can celebrate with people in present time, where we can chat with each other, while looking each other in the eye.

What’s The Things We Said in Venice about? Travel, second chances, architecture, self-discovery, overcoming fear, laughter, relationships, love. For more info, see recent press about the book below the schedule.


When and where is it?
Saturday, May 20th, 3-5pm
American Book Center, Lange Poten 23 The Hague

What’s the schedule?*
3:00pm-3:30pm Glass of wine, chat and book signing, raffle entry.
3:30pm-4:00pm Q&A with the author and reading
4:00pm-4:30pm Raffle drawing. Book signing, slideshow.
4:30-5:00pm Second reading and a toast to Venice.
*Schedule may be thrown out the window if necessary. After all, we are on Italian time.

Recent Press about the novel

May 18, 2017 The Hague Online Feature Article / Book Review


May  16, 2017 Entertainment Feature Article / Q&A


March 24, 2017
Travel blog Dreaming in Arabic shares 5 book recommendations, including The Things We Said in Venice



Happy Easter everyone and Project Bloeiende Boomspiegel

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LOGO PBB Earth Day version 2Happy Easter everyone! Today was filled with shared meals, family and friends, a sense of peace, prayer, hours in the park playing and flowers gracing table tops and forest paths. And speaking of flowers, my thoughts drift naturally to  Project Bloeiende Boomspiegel.  One of the featured eco-friendly organizations that will be at The Hague Earth Day event this coming Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at the American Book Center (Lange Poten 23) from 17:00-20:00.

I spoke with Antoon Moonen, the founder of this wonderful organization, and asked him for a summary of his project.

Project Bloeiende Boomspiegel is a  Hague-based organisation that transforms empty dirt patches beneath city trees into blooming colourful oasis’ for bees, butterflies and insects, bringing pockets of nature into the city that can be appreciated by all.

If you are American, you may be wondering why Mr. Moonen misspelled colourful and organisation. That’s because he heralds from New Zealand, where they learn the Queen’s English (that British Queen).

I am lucky enough to live in the neighborhood where Mr. Moonen launched this brilliant project, which means the trees gracing our neighborhood sidewalks are surrounded by leafy plants that will shoot forth long stocks laden with beautiful flowers over the next few months. These flowers aren’t meant to be clipped for that vase on the center of your table, but to stay around the bases of the trees to decorate our neighborhoods.

What I love about this grass roots project is that it brings neighbors together at specific times each season, whether it is preparing the ground and sowing the seeds in the Spring, tying the long flower stocks back in the Summer, or harvesting seeds in the Fall.

In addition to all of that comradery is the richness of nature brought right into our city streets. And I must say, beautiful, blooming flowers are a vast improvement to dirty patches of earth. You would think a flower is just a flower, but they seem to make a big difference in our lives when they are grouped together and in such great contrast to cement, brick and buildings. The large city trees rise like beacons to the city dwellers, and the “bloeiende boomspiegels” at their bases ask us to take pause, smile and enjoy their beauty.spring 4

Meet members of the Project Bloeiende Boomspiegel at Earth Day at ABC Bookstore between 17:00-20:00 on Tuesday April 22nd, contact them on their website or consider attending their project information evening just after the Earth Day event:

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
Wijkcentrum Bezuidenhout
Johannes Camphuijsstraat 25
2593 CH

For more information on Earth Day The Hague 2014, see my April 10th post here on Author Kristin Anderson.