Stir Crazy Stories: Part One and Two

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Love in the time of Quarantine (1)Sometimes, when my friends ask what’s new in my life, I get a little head rush, like ‘where do I even begin to explain?’ That’s because amazing things have happened to me since we’ve last spoken. I’ve been to battle with dark forces, I’ve traveled to ancient, holy places, I’ve met a tantalizing young man, I’ve started a new University program abroad, I’ve met an octogenarian who has a secret he only wants to share with me, I’ve woken up in a cabin with my eyes bandaged with no idea how I got there or who I am. All of these newsworthy adventures take roughly one-tenth of a second to flash through my brain until I realize that these experiences are taking place between me and my characters in the fictional worlds I’ve created for them.

“I’ve been working on the garden,” I hear myself saying. Or “I rearranged all of the bookcases in the house by genre, so I have a mini bookstore at home.”

True, my real ‘shelter in place’ Corona Lock down life pales in comparison to that of the fictional characters I’m writing, or the tragedies unfolding for many in this very scary time. I’m grateful for my steady, predictable world, as it keeps me grounded so my characters can do the crazy stuff.

I was listening to a Masterclass by Judy Blume and she described how she would tell her family in the evening what was going on in her character’s lives.

“You’ll never guess what happened to Ruby today.”

It was such a revelation! Yes! That is exactly what’s going on inside of me. Like Judy, I’ve been on adventures during the day, and I want to tell someone about it.

I’m sharing all of this to say that I realize I haven’t actually shared any of my writing in over three years. So, as a token of appreciation for all of those who have read my books and wonder if I am actually writing anything at all, I’ve decided to share part one and two of a short story series I’m writing during this stranger than fiction world we’re now living in.

Just a bit of forewarning. It’s not a happy story. In fact, it’s inspired by the ‘Corona Parties’ that were happening at the beginning of the lock down, when people didn’t really understand what a world pandemic was.

Here’s the catch, members of my writing group have encouraged me to seek out a channel to publish this story and reach a wider audience. I’d like to do that, but I’d also like to share it with those who are interested in pre-reading it now, while it’s still relevant.

Would you like to read part one and part two? Then send me a personal message via the contact form with your email address, or send me a personal message via my author Facebook page, and I’ll send you a free, reviewers copy.

Love in the time of Quarantine (1)