Launching a New Novel


If you are reading this, welcome to my new home, Author Kristin Anderson. I just purchased this virtual home, and the rooms are still empty; my works of fiction still in the boxes waiting to be unpacked. But soon, I will be revealing the title of my first novel, and inviting all that are interested to my e-book launch, currently and optimistically scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2013.

A bit of Background on Kristin Anderson
I have written freelance articles for magazines and newspapers over the last 5 years and have been writing a personal, non-fiction blog since 2011 as a means of letting my mind flow and practicing the art of writing. Simultaneously, I have been working on my first novel.

Writing a Novel
If you are writing a novel and want to make a go of it, in addition to being passionate about the topic, you need to do at least four things: write (of course), read other novels in your genre, read books / posts about writing novels and have a steadfast marketing plan (e.g. promote the heck out of your book).

I have been doing steps 1 through 3 over the last few years and now is the time to activate what I have learned about step 4–every author needs a home, and shy or not, they need to have an open door policy. As authors, we open our homes to just about anyone interested and willing to settle in for a cup of tea and listen to us weave our stories. Homes used to be physical structures with welcoming porches and a front door, but as modern-day authors, our homes are on the internet, nestled within the fluid walls of a website.

But hold on, you say; what do you write? I don’t read just anything. It is important as an author to know your genre and thus know your audience. My writing fits into three categories: general fiction, romance and environmental issues. I guess you could sum it up as eco-romance. Sound intriguing? Then feel free to click on the “follow” button on this blog / sign up to receive my posts in your inbox and comment frequently.

Thanks for reading.

Author Kristin Anderson