Happy EARTH DAY 2014!

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What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day today? I am planning to celebrate with friends, environmentalists and all who happen along The Hague Earth Day event this evening (hopefully you included!), from 17:00-20:00 at the ABC Bookstore (Lange Poten 23).

Jelena RatkovicI am happy to announce that Jelena Ratkovic, a student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, will be playing classical guitar this evening at the event, with pieces from composers  J.S. Bach, G. Regondi, F. Tarrega, A. Barrios, and M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco. You may be thinking you’d like to come, but right after work, you will be hungry, seeing as 17:00-20:00 falls right within dinner hours. Fear not! Fine Fresh Foods, a locally owned, organic restaurant will have “forgotten vegetable sandwiches for sale as well as freshly squeezed organic juices, cookies and bars.  Here is a list of participants:

AVN (Algemene Vereniging voor Natuurbescherming)

AVN is an 88 year old lobby organization for green interests in The Hague and environs. We inform the public and the municipal and provincial governments and politicians on the values of nature and the environment.  www.avn.nl

Author Kristin Anderson

Co-organiser of Earth Day The Hague along with the American Book Center, Anderson will be signing her debut novel Green. This opposites-attract love story between an environmental activist and an upwardly mobile career woman explores the challenges of living green in an urban society.  www.authorkristinanderson.com

DHiT (Den Haag in Transitie / The Hague in Transition)

DHiT facilitates the coming together of the local community in The Hague to take steps towards a vision of a green, creative and self-sustaining city. In order to achieve this we challenge and transform the current societal paradigms of how we live and work together. www.denhaagintransitie.org

Fine Fresh Food

Locally owned, organic restaurant located at Korte Houtstraat 14C, 2511 CD Den Haag, offers organic faire, fresh squeezed juices, Fair Trade coffee and tea. www.finefreshfood.nl

Haags Milieucentrum / The Hague Environmental Center

For 22 years, the Haags Milieucentrum has been supporting local organisations dealing with nature and the environment. We provide information about sustainability to citizens, companies and the municipality, and try to make it easier for citizens to lead their lives in a sustainable manner. www.haagsmilieucentrum.nl

Jelena Ratkovic, Classical Guitar

Jelena Ratkovic, a student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium will play pieces by J.S. Bach, G. Regondi, F. Tarrega, A. Barrios, and M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Project Bloeiende Boomspiegel

This Hague-based organisation transforms empty dirt patches beneath city trees into blooming colourful oasis’ for bees, butterflies and insects, bringing pockets of nature into the city that can be appreciated by all. www.stokrozen.nl

Seafirst Foundation

The Sea First Foundation does just that – puts the sea first. We raise awareness about the wonders of marine life, the environmental services that the ocean provides us and the multiple threats that it faces. We give lessons at schools and talks at various venues.  We also do beach cleans and celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8th every year. www.seafirstfoundation.nl


Hope to see you there!