12 Great Indie Books to be highly recommended in 2014: is yours one of them?


How many of you have read a great Indie author  in the last few years who really surprised you with their smooth writing, compelling plot and beautiful prose? Was it a great work of literature? Or perhaps a fun, yet witty romance that made you laugh, cry and fall in love? A book that kept you thinking about the transformation of the characters within the pages long after you finished?  Did you want to share that author with others, but weren’t comfortable writing reviews? Or perhaps you have written such a book yourself, but haven’t figured out how to get someone to review it.

As an Indie author, it’s hard to figure out just how to get your book noticed. This year, I would like to change that for at least some Indy Authors by writing reviews on my blog. The good news is, I am only interested in writing POSITIVE, yet critical reviews. Thus, if you send me your book and I am not able to honestly give it a strong recommendation, then I will simply not review it. If I review your book and you like my review, you are welcome to share it on your own website, on Twitter, put it on Facebook, etc, as long as you include my name Kristin Anderson and a link to the original review on this blog http://www.authorkristinanderson.com. Last but not least, your book must be thoroughly edited. I can let a handful of typos slide, but any more is distracting and breaks the flow of reading. (I have professionally edited a number of books, thus I find typos and spelling errors very distracting;  they remind me of work!)

Still interested in submitting your book for review? Here are the criteria and categories I will consider.

1) Self-published within the last three years (thus from January 1, 2011 to present).
2) Less than 400 pages
3)  Thoroughly edited
4) Available as an e-book / Kindle

1) Fiction including general fiction, women’s fiction, environmental fiction, romance with a message,  and thrillers of the not overly violent persuasion.
2) Non-fiction about environmental issues and social justice that offers hope, rather than doom.

Reminder: Since I want to write positive reviews, I am seeking novels with a strong, coherent plot, well-developed characters, smooth writing style and an inspirational message. Romance with a message note: Heat is okay as far as romances go, but no porn or erotica. Non-fiction note: I am looking for quality of information and insight into contemporary environmental issues that is presented in layman’s terms, or introduces technical and complex ideas without getting too bogged down in  jargon.

Submission Procedure
Please use the contact form on this website to submit one paragraph describing your book and one paragraph explaining why you think I should review it. Please include a link to your website, title, date published and a valid email address. I retain the right to refuse any submission based on personal preference and you agree not to slander me for what may feel like (but is not) a personal affront.

4 thoughts on “12 Great Indie Books to be highly recommended in 2014: is yours one of them?

  1. Love your sassy, straight to the point writing. I will be sending my debut novel, The American Shahanshah, to you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to review it.

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  3. Well, am really sad to see, when checking my publication date, that my (Indie) debut novel Baby, Baby is ‘copyright 2009’!! (Launch was 2010) Follow-up hoping for publication this year … should be up to your criteria – contemporary general fiction (possibly women-slanted), set mainly in Oxford, UK, on the trials of being a cross-cultural couple with 2 demanding careers, 2 small girls, and a deal of extended family and work-related commitments plus a touch of mystery, and dashes of humour… ‘character-driven’ and in the end hopeful. Baby, Baby is on Amazon and an extract (which demonstrates my writing style) is on our website at http://www.hodgepublishing.co.uk (Contact office@hodgepublishing.co.uk if interested)

    • Hi Clare,

      Thank you for your email. Considering it wasn’t launched until 2010, I would consider reading it. Can you follow the instructions in my post on submission? I would need an ePub or kindle version sent to me unless you want to mail the paperback to the Netherlands. I imagine this might be costly!

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