Green coming to The ABC Bookstore in The Hague, The Netherlands

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Good news! This week the ABC Bookstore in The Hague agreed to carry my debut novel GREEN! Up until this point, my book has only been available for purchase as a kindle or paperback online and in paperback form in four bookstores in the United States. This is the first placement in The Netherlands and thus holds special significance to this American author living in The Hague; people can buy it locally!

Will it seem awkward and geeky when I head into the bookstore next week with my camera to document its placement among other published titles on the shelf? Or is this LLA* phenomenon one that bookstores have become all too familiar with? (*Lurking Local Author).

One benefit of a local presence is that local book clubs can invite the author to their gatherings to participate in the discussion of the book. Book clubs don’t usually go for romance books, but for one reason or another, GREEN is slowly gaining traction as a Book Club pick.

Thus far  GREEN is on the reading list for two book clubs in California and has been recommended by readers to book clubs in Connecticut and Indiana.  I will be skyping  in to a book club meeting this coming Monday for my first book club discussion on this title!  I hope to gain some insight into why GREEN is considered worthy of Book Club discussion.

If you have already read GREEN, would you recommend it to a book club or group? If so, why? I would love to hear your reasoning in the comments section below.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Author Kristin Anderson

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